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About Me

I'm a geek who has been working with various backend technologies for more than 6 years, mainly with Java and AWS. I love to work on projects which involve solving real world problems using technology and designing the backend and infrastructure architecture for that solution.

I strongly support and believe in developer's community. I contribute through answering on StackOverflow, publishing my codes on Github or posting tech articles on Linkedin.

Work Experience

Lead Backend Engineer - Vyom (Sept'2016 - Present)

Bringing the trucking industry online by building a highly scalable tech solution which can be endorsed and embraced by all. As a lead backend engineer, my responsibilities include:
• Understanding business requirement and planning delivery timelines.
• Designing and implementing the backend and infrastructure architecture for a product/feature.
• Managing spring planning and scrum of the product.
• Introducing new and better tech in existing and new modules.
• Streamlining the processes including deployment pipelines, on-boarding of new joinees, code-reviews.
• Being very frugal when it comes to resource utilization. ie. Making sure that code is written in a way to handle more load with less machines.
• Team building.

Co-founder & Architect - StrollUp (Feb'2015 - Aug'2016)

StrollUp aimed at making the personalised hangout planning easier (just 2 taps) for it's users by considering their likes/dislikes and other preferences like location, budget, group type, etc. As a Co-Founder & architect, my responsibilities included:
• Managed and led a team of 10 people including web & android developers and content writers.
• Designed and implemented database and server architecture for StrollUp’s web & Facebook Messenger chat bots.
• Conducted weekly A/B tests to increase the booking conversion from 0.5% to 5% in 3 months.
• Performed SEO on StrollUp’s site & blog and reached 50,000+ unique visitors per month organically. Took Alexa rank to ~10K
• Designed and implemented backend services including database and server architecture for android & web app.
• Implemented crawlers which scan 1500+ Facebook pages and sites to get activities & events in timely fashion.
• Automated operational tasks such as taking feedback from users, deployment, backup & virtual hosting.
• Created and automated personalized email campaigns and push messages for increasing user retention.

Senior Product Developer - Bravolucy (Jul'2012 - Jan'2015)

Bravolucy, headed by Nils Rudi (INSEAD's dean of academics), provides informed decisions about sports and supply-chain by using statistical models with huge set of past data. My responsibilities as a senior product developer included:
• Was Scrum master of an 8-developer server team.
• Designed and implemented an architecture which serves real-time events and stats(win/lose probability of teams, rank probability of teams in a tournament) of football matches.
• Designed and implemented a real-time football match simulator which simulated a real football match from the past over a scaled period of time.
• Managed AWS infrastructure of the company including automated deployment using aws-cli on elastic beanstalk
• Used R to analyze large data-set of football matches whose outcome was used with statistical models.
• Developed algorithm for providing data to the clients at a faster rate.
• Developed RESTful APIs to provide model-as-a-service which can be used by a third party to get a match outcome. The design is lean enough to be extended to support other sports as well.

Latest Projects

Other Projects

Bash Jenkins-cli Open Source

Bash script to automate build and deployment on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It was made to replace Jenkins as Jenkis itself takes a lot of memory while this can be run using simple bash and aws-cli commands.

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Quora marketing Open Source

Quora is a free forever marketing channel for B2C products. This project is a Quora crawler which can provide you the best questions answering which can get you most upvotes in a category chosen by you.

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Almost-Hacker-Rank Open Source

A project similar to interview-street (now a days HackerRank), where a user can have coder profile, can do competitive coding on it, update his resume and can get sorted by a company for interviews.

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On-the-fly PHP image resizer Open Source

This project resizes an image to any specified dimension. You just have to give an image path and you can resize it on the fly in any given dimension and cache it with Cloudfront.

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