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Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru is India’s tech hub and also known as “Garden City” Nicknamed the “Silicon Valley of India”. It is also known for majestic palaces & lush greenery.

Bengaluru, India’s southern tech hub and “Garden City”, is a bustling metropolis known for its high-tech parks, historic palaces, and lush greenery. A center for innovation, it houses numerous IT giants and startups. Despite its modern facade, Bengaluru boasts a rich past reflected in its 16th-century origins and architectural marvels like the Bangalore Palace and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. The city’s pleasant climate, attributed to its high elevation, and abundance of parks contribute to its well-deserved nickname. Culturally, Bengaluru is a tapestry woven with influences from Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and other regional traditions, evident in its food, festivals, and arts.

Places to visit in Bengaluru

  1. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden:Established in 1760, Lal Bagh is one of the largest botanical gardens in Asia. Spread over 240 acres, it houses over 1,800 species of plants and trees.
  2. Cubbon Park:This sprawling urban park, established in 1870, is a haven for joggers, walkers, and families. It also houses several museums and historical buildings.
  3. ISKCON Temple:This magnificent temple, built in the architectural style of traditional Hindu temples, is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It’s a great place to learn about Hindu culture and marvel at the intricate architecture.
  4. Bangalore Palace:A replica of Windsor Castle in England, Bangalore Palace was built in the 19th century. It’s known for its ornate interiors and beautiful gardens.
  5. Vidhana Soudha:The seat of the Karnataka state legislature, Vidhana Soudha is a majestic building in the Neo-Dravidian architectural style.
  6. Bannerghatta National Park:This national park is home to a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. It’s a great place to go for a wildlife safari.
  7. Wonderla Park: This amusement park is a fun place to spend a day with family and friends. It has a variety of rides, water slides, and other attractions.
  8. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace:An 18th-century structure made of teak, this palace is a remnant of the Mysore Wodeyars rule.