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Puri, Odisha

Puri, Odisha

Puri is a pilgirmage city in the state of Odisha, India. It is located in the western part of the state, in the Ananthagiri Hills region.

Puri, Odisha is a captivating coastal town adorned with rich history, cultural heritage, and scenic beauty. Nestled on the Bay of Bengal, Puri is a prime destination for spiritual seekers, beach lovers, and culture enthusiasts.

Places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills

  1. The Abode of Lord Jagannath: The crown jewel of Puri is the magnificent Jagannath Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 12th-century temple is one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites, considered highly sacred by Hindus. The temple’s towering structure, intricate carvings, and annual Rath Yatra festival, where colossal chariots carrying the deities are pulled by throngs of devotees, are a sight to behold.
  2. Konark Sun Temple (35.8 km from Puri):This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an architectural marvel dedicated to the Sun God Surya. The intricate carvings and chariot-shaped design are truly awe-inspiring. Be sure to witness the sunrise over the temple for a truly magical experience.
  3. Chilika Lake (37 km from Puri):Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, Chilika Lake is a haven for nature lovers. Explore the rich biodiversity with a boat tour, spot dolphins and migratory birds, or simply admire the scenic beauty of the lake.
  4. Raghurajpur Artist Village (10 km from Puri):Immerse yourself in the artistic heritage of Odisha at Raghurajpur. This village is home to generations of skilled artisans who specialize in traditional Pattachitra paintings, palm leaf etchings, and colorful toys. Witness their craftmanship and pick up unique souvenirs.
  5. Pipili (37.2 km from Puri):Another handicraft hub near Puri, Pipili is famous for its applique work. Vibrant and intricate designs are crafted onto fabric using colorful cloth pieces, creating stunning wall hangings, bags, and other items. It’s a great place to find unique gifts and support local artisans.
  6. Astaranga Beach (60.8 km from Puri):Witness mesmerizing sunsets at Astaranga Beach, also known as Chandipur Beach. This beach has a unique characteristic - the water recedes several kilometers during low tide, creating a vast expanse of sand. Enjoy a relaxing beach vacation and witness the beauty of nature’s light show.